10 Adorable Baby Names of Popular Celebrities

10 Adorable Baby Names of Popular Celebrities

Brainstorming ideas on baby names that are cute, unique, and memorable could be utterly perplexing.

Why not give a go to baby names of popular celebs that are already a hit.

For sure, they are not unique but they can simply the name one can easily recognise and remember. Surprisingly, these names are easy to identify as well. Earlier, we talked about hairstyles inspired by celebrities. Now,

Here are some of the trending baby names of popular celebrities that seemed to sweep parents off their feet. 

1. Daisy

Though you have probably heard the name quite a few times, when the famous singer Katy Perry announced it for her daughter, it gained a different level of popularity. 

Deriving its origin from the name of the flower, Daisy also means the “day’s eye”. It’s simple and sober meaning ensures that the name is never going out of style. 

2. Win

Win definitely seems to be quite an uncommon name. But when Ciara, the famous singer, chose it for her son, the name seemed to have a different definition altogether. 

Named as Win Harrison Wilson, the boy is going to head towards success in no time! Moreover, the name is also unique, which will make him stand apart. 

3. Franklin

Unlike Win and Daisy, Franklin isn’t an uncommon name completely. However, it wasn’t a name which you would have crossed your mind first to name your boy. 

But star from ” The Bachelor”, Bekah Martinez seemed to add an extra star to the name when she named her son the same. The baby boy also got a nickname of Frankie J after five days of his birth. 

4. Charlie

Now, you cannot really say whether it’s for a boy or a girl, and such gender-neutral names have always been quite famous. Sticking to the trend, Alex Morgan, the soccer star, named her baby girl as Charlie Elena Carrasco. 

The name has been popular since the early days, and still holds dignity and sophistication. However, the gender-neutral name already shows what a feminist she will grow up to be. 

5. Vanja

Okay, it is definitely not the first choice for your baby’s name, but doesn’t it make your child stand apart? 

Maybe, Chloë Sevigny, the famous actress, thought the same while naming her little son. The actress gave birth to the first child with her boyfriend, and undoubtedly, she wanted it to be a special memory for her – thus the name is quite justified. 

6. Goldie

After having three children together as a couple, Siri Daly and Carson Daly welcomed their baby girl named Goldie Patricia Daly in March. 

As she was born amidst the blow of pandemic, the name Goldie definitely represents a golden ray of hope. Similarly, the girl child will surely be brave enough, as she was born winning the first game of survival. 

7. Aalam

If you’re thinking about the origin of the name, then it’s Arabic. DJ Khaled, being an Arab resident, couldn’t have thought of a better name than Aalam for his second child with his wife, Nicole. 

He revealed the name of the baby in quite a great way on the stage of the Grammys when he was awarded the honour for the Best Rap/Sung Performance Grammy for “Higher.” The name stands for “the world”, which already shows his love towards the child. 

8. Isaac

Though the name doesn’t seem to have great popularity, Ashley Graham, the famous swimsuit model, proved us wrong. 

She was quite unique while naming her child after a Hebrew word origin. Similarly, the meaning of the name, ‘laughter’, also shows how she just wants her child to be happy and laugh loud, no matter what life has to offer. 

9. Bode

The stars of “Little People, Big World”, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, just named their second child ” Bode”. Though the name seems to be quite new, the meaning makes all the difference. 

The couple took to Instagram to announce the name and declared its meaning to be a “messenger”. The mother also wrote that she wants her child to be a messenger of the Gospel and that his life is filled with truth, love, and hope altogether. 

10. Boston

Craig Wayne Boyd and his wife, on welcoming their third child, named him Boston. This one as a name was not quite heard of, but the couple seems to consider Boston city as an important one, and thus named their child after it. 

The couple seems to love travelling way too much, and thus it justifies the name of their child completely. 

Now that we have suggested you with the best baby names of popular celebrities, it’s time for you to bless your baby with a cool name.