Top 10 Blonde Models

10 Top Blonde Models

From watching Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip girls in 2002 to watching models like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevinge walk the runways and capture the viewer’s attention, blonde models are famous for bringing fun and adding a wow factor in runways and fashion covers.

So, here are my top favorite blonde models of all time:

  1. Cara Delevingne

A fantastic talented model, actress, singer, and an advocate for Mental Health Awareness. Having grown up in a wealthy dysfunctional family, Cara started her modeling career at 10 for Vogue Italia alongside model Lady Eloise Anson. With an Instagram following of 43.6 M followers, Cara Delevinge is still one of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood despite quitting her career in the runway in 2015.

  1. Karlie Kloss

An American Fashion Model, is known for philanthropy for increasing Girls’ education in STEM fields; started her career at 14 on a local runway. Karlie made her debut as a Victoria Secret model in 2012, and now, with an Instagram Following of 9.5 M followers, Karlie Kloss is not only a fantastic model but also a source of inspiration to millions of girls.

  1. Kate Moss

Popular for her heroin chic look of the 1990’s, Kate Moss started climbing her modeling ladder when she was 14, who then became Maxim Magazine’s 9th sexiest woman of the year 1999. 

  1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

A Victoria’s Secret model, started her career when she was 15, on signing up with Victoria Secret, she is known for her work in lingerie as one of the victoria secret “Angels.” With an Instagram following of 13.4 Million Followers, Rosie is still one of the most admired models in Hollywood.

  1. Gigi Hadid

Daughter of the famous model Yolanda Hadid, started her modeling career when she was 2. After taking a break from attending school, Gigi had a hit comeback after signing up with IMG Models in 2013. Famously known for her fierce walks, Gigi has had an unstoppable career. With 69.3 M followers on Instagram, Gigi Hadid is one of Hollywood’s most famous and highly paid models.

  1. Hailey Baldwin

Aka the Famous Mrs. Bieber. Born and brought up in a celebrity household, Hailey started her modeling career with Ford Motors at the age of 18, Having a celebrity background, many of her campaign shoots include  Topshop, Guess, Ralph Lauren, and H&M. Despite not having a major career as a Runway model, Hailey has been one of the most influential models with an Instagram following of 37 million followers. 

  1. Claudia Schiffer

Aspiring to be a lawyer, a career in modeling was an accident for Claudia when she was spotted in a nightclub by Michel Leviton, the head of Metropolitan Model Agency. With her talent and Charisma, Claudia rose to become a supermodel pretty quickly in the 1990s. Her rise in a career as a model to supermodel has been an impressive journey and now with an Instagram following of 1.5 M followers, Claudia is one of the leading Fashion designers in Paris. 

  1. Kate Upton

 Famous for Sports Illustrated swimsuit Covers and her role as Amber in the movie “The Other Women,” Kate is known for her beauty and grace. She has appeared in editorials for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, V, Mademoiselle, LOVE, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Esquire. Kate Upton is considered one of the fiercest models for her impeccable shoots. Her contribution to increasing fitness awareness among her followers with “Strong4Me” Fitness by Kate Upton has been one of the major highlights of her career. 

  1. Gisele Bundchen

Popular for her golden locks and Pantene commercials, Gisele is one the most highly paid actresses in the world becoming the 16th richest woman in the entertainment business in 2007. Gisele is not only one of the leading models who have made many appearances in movies like Devil Wears Prada but is also one of the leading environmental activists in Hollywood. From being rejected 42 times to being called the most beautiful woman in the world in 2002 by Rolling Stone, Gisele is undoubtedly one of the most hard-working models in the industry.

  1. Candice Swanpoel

A Victoria Secret Angel, known for her poised and elegant walks, is an incredible philanthropist who is focused on creating awareness about HIV and Female health during childbirth in African and other 3rd World Countries. From being spotted by a model scout at age 15, to becoming the 8th richest model in the world by Forbes Magazines in 2016 there has been no stopping for Candice.