Trending Winter Hairstyles for Women-

10 Trending Winter Formal Hair Style for Women

Winter is here again with a cold and dreadful feeling again. Although, there is not much to embrace about the winters – the snowballs, warm clothes, sweaters, and a cozy fireplace are something that makes for a great atmosphere. However, for a modern fashion lover like you, things work on an entirely different note. If you’re waiting for winters to give your looks a complete makeover, some trending formal hairstyles are definitely worth trying out.

Formal hairstyles are manageable, easy to style, and comfortable for women in corporate roles, jobs, management, and even teaching roles. We have rounded up ten trending winter formal hairstyles for women. Remember, these hairstyles are mostly for long hairs, but we definitely would come out with a post on Short hair formal hairstyle for women.

Let’s take a look.

1. The Pony Tail

It’s quite ideal for keeping your annoying strands away from your eyes while surviving the winters. Some of the ideas include adding gems, sparkly hairpins, or even hair glitters to complete your look.

Pony Tail Hairstyle

Ensure that your parting is where you want, and then start with the top part of the hair and bring each lower layer to the desired height. Grab your hair and tie it with your hairband. High ponytails are specially designed to add volume to the hairs. 

2. Adorable Updo

Updo hairstyles are adored and loved by everybody. Be it a casual look, or you are going for the trendy one, or you opt for a simple pony look that is stylish and comfortable at the same time. Trend, elegance, and style altogether are bound by the simple Updo hairstyle.

If you are in a rush in the morning hours, the updo hairstyle can allow you to arrange your hairs in no time neatly. And if you are going to a party, you can try these elegant updo hairstyles to compliment your dress and event.

3. The Loose Bun

The Loose Bun

The bun for any formal event or prom needs to be perfect. It has to be made according to the style, outfit, and comfortable enough to wear for your night out. You can do so much with the bun to make it viable for the night and be worn as messy, loose, low, tight, sleek, etc.

4. The Bob Look

Bob look is a versatile and low-maintenance style and can help you in elevating your personality. You can wear it no matter the shape of your face. The style is universally flattering. 

If you want a quick-trim or full-on hair reboot, you can have a brief look at varied bob styles in various colors, textures, and lengths to get inspired to wear any of them.

5. Half-Up Beehive

Half-Up Beehive is a must-try hairstyle for women who want to try something new. Modern Beehive can be a little edgy compared to the past, making it one of the ideal hairstyles to experiment with. 

Half-Up Beehive

The half-up Beehive can allow you to hide various unwashed roots, which usually doesn’t help you and takes a long time to get ready. It looks great in all kinds of hair types and lengths. 

6. The French Twist

The French Twist hairstyles look amazing, mostly when experimented with and styled with variations. The style is appropriate and looks beautiful for any semi-formal or formal event.

Even if you are searching for an option to look classy and playful simultaneously, the French Twist style is ideal for you. Try out different Fresh Twist styles and look best on special or everyday events.

7. Long Airy Bangs

Undoubtedly long airy bangs are a big commitment. The best thing with long airy bangs is the considerable number of ways you can style them. You can color them differently, try braids, ponytails, or leave them open. They are a statement in themselves.

Long Airy Bangs

Long Airy bangs also demand a lot of care and attention. Keep them healthy and nourish them whenever you have time.

8. Heavy Fringe

Heavy Fringe

Fringe hairstyles have been in fashion since old times. The heavy fringes look great on everyone and hide many flaws of individuals. Heavy fringes work best for the person who has straight hair as this hairstyle will be best suitable. Even if you have thin hair, you can try heavy fringes to fill your hairs and allow them to look dense. 

9. Stylish Braids

Braids can be made or styles in many forms and shapes. Women are wearing braids for thousands of years all across the globe. The styles are versatile and range from simple plaits to intricate patterns. They are perfect for every occasion. Braided hairstyles can be worn at school, office, wedding and even at the gym too.


Stylish Braids

Depending upon your hair type, the braids can also protect your hair strands from damage and help you grow them longer.

10. Easy Pin Up

Pin Up hairstyles work best for the long hairs but can be made with shorter hair as well. Pin Up hairstyle brings up a mystique and feminine charm that is quite hard to match. Baby bangs, Smooth upswept rolls, coiled locks, and waves are seen as the epitome of vintage hairs. 

These styles can look complicated initially, but with a little practice, the easy pin-up hairstyles are comfortable and look great at events or parties.