Lemonde Braids Hairstyle Trends

15 Impressive Lemonade Braids Inspos For Women

Beyonce created magic on her Lemonade album by flaunting her beautifully done braids, which now have swayed the hairstyle market. Lemonade braids, basically the braid style with a side-swept cornrow pattern flowing down to the waistline, have become the trend of this fashion season.

If you are looking for unique techniques to get yourself a trendy lemonade look, refer to the 15 most impressive and uncommon designs that we have gathered for you below.

  1. Classic Pattern Aesthetic
Lemonade Braids with patterns
Source: Instagram.com @infinity_beautylounge

First comes the all-time best luxury patterned lemonade braid. It is a braid style that is side-swept with unique cutting patterns, giving a zigzag and wavy look. The braids that flow down are long and thin, perfect for a charming personality like you!

  1. Beaded Lemonade Braid
Beaded Lemonade Braids
Source: Instagram.com @beautyspaceke

Want to look funky and classy at the same time? These flawlessly beaded braids with neatly done cuts are the best choice for you. It runs short till your neckline, with the beads hanging at the end of each strand, giving a unique and fancy look to your overall hairstyle.

  1. Blonde Lemonade Cut
Blonde Lemonade Cut
Source: pinterest.com

This blonde lemonade braid hairstyle is everything you need if you like playing with colors. The blonde braids are the true Beyonce style, and you are sure to look as fascinating as she did in her mystical music album. Hit the salon right away and flatter yourself with this artsy choice.

  1. Pink Extra Long Braids
Pink Braids
Credit: @miaonthehair

Fancy a super exciting braid look? Stop that braid flow no more. Make it extra long and let it run below your waistline, all the way to your mid-thighs. To add some extra spice, dye it pink and design it with some multi-colored beads. With those enchanting braids, no wonder you like a true Nicki fan.

  1. Lemonade Braids with Curls
Lemonade Braids with Curls
source: @Rollody pinterest.com

Stop spending hours on the same old styles and take your braid game to the next level. This beautiful and mesmerizing lemonade look with braids flowing below your bust area and ending with perfectly ironed curls is the right idea for you to elevate your bar. It is different, and the defined curls add extra charisma to your face.

  1. Stringed Lemonade Magic
Stringed Lemonade Magic
@nikki pinterest.com

Now, this is what we call magnificent! Jumbo braids embellished with some dazzling strings can never do you wrong. Thick jumbo braids not only make you look glamorous but also consume less time. The shiny strings are just a bonus you cannot miss out on!

  1. Blue and Black Braids
Lemonade Braids with Color Shade Blue
Source: Pinterest.com

Why go with only one color when you can slay your look with two contrasting hues. Go for a blue and black braid style and bring out the perfect color play in your hairdo. Design the cuts of your blue braids above the black ones, and get ready to make yourself pop out in the crowd effortlessly.

  1. Trendy Ponytail 
best ponytail lemonade braid hairstyle
Credit: @styles_bymillz Instagram.com

Let’s hop right into the market trend and witness this season’s all-time best ponytail lemonade braid hairstyle. With just tiny and tidy braids, perfectly cut into patterns, tied together in a defined ponytail, you have got the most striking and sophisticated look that everyone has been dying for. Just add a mix of blonde braids in between to give yourself that extra beauty. 

  1. Heart-Shaped Lemonade Braids
Heart-Shaped Lemonade Braids
Credit: Instagram.com@stylessbylele

No one would have thought braids could look this cute. With a lovely heart-shaped pattern braided on one side, leading to a single long strand of braid down to your bust area, this look is an absolute winner. Although it will borrow some time of yours and a little bit of skill, it is definitely worth it.

  1. Braided Bun
 fancy braided bun style
Source: Instagram.com @danii_didit

Did you say fun? Then nothing can beat this fancy braided bun style that is awaiting your attention. Finely braided strands with a neat cornrow pattern held together in a massive bun look serene, and it gives you a completely different and put-together vibe. If you haven’t tried this style yet, now is the time for you!

  1. Jumbo Lemonade Beauty
@bold.beautycollective Instagram.com

Jumbo braids are thick braids with larger cornrows. It simply gives you a very aesthetic and snug outlook with the minimum time and effort compared to any other braid style. With just a basic braid skill, you get to look like an absolute beauty inside out.

  1. Red Fierce Lemonade Style
Red Head Lemonade Braids
Source: pinterest.com

If you want to look extra hot today, then go to the salon right away and feast yourself with this extremely sexy red lemonade braids hairstyle. The red color gives a strong color stir to your hair and makes the braids more flashy and glitzy. With such a fierce hairdo, nothing can stop your already pretty face appear even more attractive and gorgeous.

  1. Entirely Curly Braids
Entirely Curly Braids with conrows
Source: Pinterest.com

While we have already witnessed the braids with curly ends, this style here is a bit different and all the more pretty. This entirely curly lemonade braid has curly strands starting from the very end of the neckline and has a few strands hanging from the alternate side. Hands down, nothing can make this masterpiece lose the braid race. 

  1. To the Side Braids Style
Source: Pinterest.com

A more simple and minimal hairstyle that has neatly braided thin and long hair strands flowing distinctly from one side to another. This style is highly recommended, which is easy to work on and ideal for some who live for a more subtle hairstyle.

  1. Zig Zag Trend
Beyonce Inspired Lemonade Braids
Source: Pinterest.com

Finally, we have this eccentric Zig Zag cutting lemonade braid that is distinct from normal cornrows. At first, it will require some skills to give them a fine touch, but once you get a hold of it, you have seized the most effective mastery of all time.

These are some of the most outstanding lemonade braid hairstyle trends popular this year. Each style is unique in itself and can make any soul go from boring to captivating. While these braid styles may consume a lot of time, believe me, it is worth the wait.