25 Hijab Outfit Ideas Inspirations for Women

25 Hijab Outfit Ideas To Standout During Outings

The old-school conservative hijab styles have transformed their nature by upping the ante and adapting to modernity in the modern fashion era. This is pretty much true when it comes to hijab fashion. Hijab Outfits have evolved prominently throughout the years, offering ultra-stylish choices, arching modesty, and elegance.

If you are looking for hijab outfits inspo, you are in the right place.

Here we have the 25 best hijab outfits inspiration to refresh your wardrobe!

1. Cosy Sweater Feels

Planning for an outing in chilly weather? Go grab a cool hoodie. Pick a sober color and go monochromatic. Pair it with an earthly warm hijab with some neutral accessories and relish the fall-winter vibes. 

Green baggy sweatshirt with trouser hijab style fashion combination
@chendanyannur Credit: pinterest.com

2. Double Shirt Fantasy

This look is the most contemporary way of styling a hijab outfit. Bargain two contrasting shirts, a basic tee or a simple shirt, and layer it with a full sleeve body-hugging top. It looks simple, relaxed, and casual with a hint of creativity. 

T shirt matched with Hijab and Skirt
Credit: Anya pinterest.com

3. Modesty of White

If you want to stand out but can’t decide what to wear, grab an all-white traditional fit. Abayas have now evolved with different patterns and designs. Pick a white pristine piece and feel the sophistication and sleek sense of hijab fashion instantly.

White Maxi Dress with hijab
Credit: Pinterest.com

4. Vibrant Maxi Look

Printed Maxi Dress with Hijab
Credit: adayinthelalz.com

When it comes to hijab trends, maxi dresses are a must. A unique patterned maxi dress with bold prints covering the entirety of your body with the right amount of style, modesty, and elegance can never fail anyone. Coordinate the color with your hijab, and you are ready to rock.

5. Jumpsuit Chic Look

Sating Wrap Jumpsuit paired light pink hijab
Source: niswafashion.com

Coming to jumpsuits, this is the most effortless trend of all time. Just pair a neat satin jumpsuit with a solid-colored top and high knee boots. Finally, with the hijab corresponding to your fit color, enjoy the youthful trendy vibe ready to sway the market.

6. Feminine Long Sleeves

Classic long sleeve A-line dresses will never disappoint. Try to pair a mild peach dress with a neutral hijab and a pair of heels. They give you a feminine touch without any accessories.

Satin Maxi Dress with Hijab
Credit: alibaba.com

7. Classic Denim Fit

A classic large denim jacket with a pair of sneakers is everything to fit the gen z fashion world. Pick a black hijab and black trousers for the lower wear to make the outfit put-together and chic. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Ruffled-Denim-jacket-with-baloon-pants-and-hijab.jpg
Source: Pinterest.com

8. Aesthetic Jeans 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Flare-Jeans-and-Hijab-inspiration.jpg
Source: zahrahrose.com

Another way to slay the market with a casual fit is to grab a pair of loose-fit denim jeans. Say goodbye to long skirts and welcome the coolest trend in town. With the addition of a mild-colored- hijab and a white shirt, nothing can stop you now.

9. Skirt and Coat

If you prefer a skirt over anything, this style is meant for you. Wear a statement sweater with a neutral maxi skirt and top it with a blazer. This is justice to the conservative fashion affair with the right amount of style.

long coat paired with hijab and layered skirt
Source: pinterest.com

10. Ethnic Kurta Craves

Traditional Outfit with Hijab
Source: brandedgirls.com

It is not always about western style. Sometimes, a well-knitted ethnic kurta or long tunic with crafted prints and an earthly-colored hijab is all you need to get that sophisticated chic outlook effortlessly. 

11. Long Slip Dress

Long Slip Dress with turtle neck hijab
Credit: @yuliawijayantii instagram.com

Layering only denim jackets or shirts isn’t the end condition. If you have a sleek slip dress with spaghetti straps, go pair it with a tight turtle neck top and match the hijab color with the dress. This is truly the art of modesty.

12. Loose Fluff Fashion

Fluffy loose sleeves with altered pants and hijab
Credit: @senaelc Instagram.com

For a more casual yet stylish look, opt for a loose top with ruffles or fluffed sleeves and pair it with white altered pants. Keep the hijab white to have a complete and aesthetic look.

13. High Waist Tricks

Pair Hijab with White Shirt and High Waist Pants

Want to look amazing but simple at the same time? Choose a casual work shirt or a turtle neck shirt and tuck it with high waist trousers. Top it with a loose complimentary jacket and tuck the hijab on your neckline. Look at you now!

14. Classy Trench Coats

Neutral-Colors-Hijab-with-Casual-Trousers and trench coat
Credit: Pinterest.com

Long trench coats are always trendy. Make it monochromatic with an all-white look and pair it with a warm hijab. With a neutral handbag and a pair of heels, you got the most comfortable and stunning look, ready to stand out.

15. Vintage Vibe

Polka Dot Shirts and Hijab
Credit: Pinterest.com

For an ancient and vintage look, try out tiny polkas or thin stripes top with puffed or bell sleeves. Add parallel pants or skirts underneath with a designer handbag to go really chic and noble.

16. Monochrome Suit 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Red-Suit-with-Hijab.jpeg
Credit: modest_fashion_perfection Instagram.com

Another charm to hijab outfits is the idea of wearing a solid monochromatic suit. Especially red suit with a red bell-bottom pant and golden hijab is all you need to get yourself that sassy and classy look.

17. Bodycon Mix

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Boyfriend-Denim-Jacket-and-Girlfriend-pants-with-Hijab.jpg
Source: sohamt.com

Select a full-body bodycon dress and layer it with a casual denim jacket. To make the look whole, select a black hijab and a pair of white sneakers or heels. Now go grab people’s attention effortlessly.

18. Glam Up Maxi Cardigan

Knitted long Cardigan
Credit: Instagram.com @a.mienaa

Maxi cardigans can never fail the winter fashion. Grab a pastel color cardigan and couple it with an all-white fit. It gives an all-in-one, comfy, creative, and elegant look.

19. Printed Fairy Skirts

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Pleated-Maxi-Dress-with-Hijab.jpg
Credit: esraamostafaofficial Instagram.com

While we already know about maxi skirts, let us look at a printed and flashy version of it. Pick a skirt with bold patterns and prints and couple it with a solid-colored top. Matching the hijab color with the prints of the skirts is an attractive add-on.

20. Flowy Season

Source: Pinterest.com

It’s time for a flowy dress to come into play. Wear a polka dot printed long flowy dress or a skirt and top it with a loose top. Make the hijab match with the dress print and you have the most creative outfit of the day. 

21. Sassy Satin

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Grey-cardigan-with-hijab-and-boots.jpg
Credit: @hijabfashions Instagram.com

Satin dresses have become the fantasy of every girl. To slay it with modesty, grab a maxi loose cardigan and wear it on top of it with a light neutral hijab. Take on the street with high ankle boots for a transformation.

22. Long Prom Mermaid Gowns

Long Prom Mermaid Gowns
Credit: aliexpress.com

To sway a formal outing, the piece of a solid long gown, body-hugging on top and flowy down the waistline, is the basic prerequisite. A pair of bold glasses is a bonus.

23. Boyfriend Jeans

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Jogger-Jeans-and-Grey-Top-with-Hijab.jpg
Credit: Pinterest.com

The next best in line and the easiest choice is the combination of boyfriend jeans with a pastel-colored sweater or hoodie. Put on a black hijab to make the look complete and different.

24. Joggers and Sweatshirts

Credit: Pinterest.com

Moving away from fancy fits, we have a casual jogger hijab outfit prepared for a casual morning outing. A simple monochrome pair of joggers and sweatshirts with a white hijab can make all the difference to your appearance.

25. Contrasts and Creativity

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Blazer-and-trouser-with-Hijab-Formal-fashion.jpg
Credit: pinterest.com

Last but not the least, we have an exclusive combination of a solid coffee blazer with contrasting trousers. This semi-formal looks smart, stylish, and gives you a sleek and modern feel to make a statement.

In love with these beautiful hijab outfits, pick your style to get ready for your next outing. Choose the one that suits you the best and revive the fashionista in you.