Wedding Hairstyles

8 Enchanting Wedding Hairstyles to Give you Princess Feel

1.Curled Hairs

Hair pulled back from the face, Parted on side. Large curls were used And topped with tiara.

2. Hair Curled on Back Side

Hair pulled back from face lightly. The back section curled and pulled to the side. Decorated with hair jewelry.

3. French Twist

Hair pulled back with bangs parted off center. Back of the hair is finished with a “French Twist”. Finish with a veil.

4. Hair Piece with Tiara

Hair pulled back tightly from the face. Back section add a hair piece and top with a tiara.

5. Pulled Back Hairs with Jewelry

Pulled back from the face, no part. Can be use flower or any other decorative jewelry.

6. Long Hairs with Weaves

Long hair with large waves, parted in the middle and top with tiara.

7. French Twist with Back Section

Hair pulled back from face lightly, The back sections end up with a French twist. Decorated with hair jewelry

8. Hair with Tiara and Veil

Hair pulled back from the face Lightly. Then it’s curled all over. Place the tiara in top and use the Combination with veil