How to Remove Eyelash Extension

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions

Considering your eyelashes are tender, as is the skin surrounding your eyes, it’s essential to comprehend how to remove eyelash extensions at home before endeavoring to do so on the spur of the moment with little to no advice. Although professional aid is always recommended, a well-structured method performed at home can also help you remove your extensions. Extensions are always there to save the day, but with caution, one can experiment with removing them without harming the natural lash follicles.

With the use of high-quality products and a day or two of patience, you may get rid of your extensions without harming your natural lashes. It’s critical that you don’t think about anything else while conducting the process and that you do it as precisely as possible. The use of oil-based solutions, professional-grade adhesive, and a variety of other procedures can all help greatly.

1 . Avoid the drags and grabs

First and foremost, avoid cutting your lashes or plucking off your lash extensions. Both techniques can harm your natural lashes, and your extensions will eventually fall out when your natural lashes grow out and shed. Picking off extensions may influence how your lashes recuperate, and it may even hinder the growth of new lashes coming in, so resist the desire as much as possible.

Instead, do some research and see if you can release them from the lids without creating a bald place or applying pressure. The extensions will naturally wear out as your focus shifts to removing the glue without causing any damage. To serve the objective, you should opt for high-quality products rather than created DIYs. Above all, avoid having to fight them out of your sight using any pressure.

2. Hot faucets to the rescue

If you want to speed up the process of falling out, take a hot shower. In the same way that many lash artists recommend against getting your lashes moistened or using vapor to extend the life of your lashes, doing the reverse can assist free any remnants that are still clinging to your lash line for hours on end. Otherwise, you must be cautious with your eyes and use as little force as possible.

Whilst steam is still debatable, you can dampen a cotton pad with warm water and place it over your eyes for a few minutes, then repeat if necessary. Remember that the procedure does not produce immediate benefits, but it is an excellent approach to weaken the adhesive that holds your lash extensions to your eyelids. By concentrating on this, you can achieve a far more painless natural removal.

3 . Cleansers and oil, oh my!

To help release any residual lashes, use an oil-based cleanser or product, or natural oils themselves as the first step in double-cleansing. Move the oil in gentle, circular strokes over your face while cleansing to assist the lash glue to dissolve. However, keep in mind that loosening your lash extensions won’t happen overnight; you’ll have to use an oil cleanser at least a few times.

After you’ve determined that the region is warm, soak a cotton pad in olive oil and apply it to your extensions for three minutes. Oils have an effect on the glue used to connect the extensions, reducing their durability and causing them to fall out prematurely. If you’re looking for a quick solution to remove eyelash extensions at home, olive oil is ideal but avoids it if you want your extensions to last longer.

4 . Dissolve lash adhesive like a pro

To ensure that the remover starts to loosen the adhesive of the extensions for safe removal, soak a cotton pad in remover and use a professional grade or verified eyelash glue removing the product to the lashes. When attempting to remove your extensions at home, the most key thing to remember is to keep your eyes free of any toxic substances. Avoid getting any of these products into your eyes.

Simply soak a q-tip or cotton pad in the solution and keep it against the eyelash glue for a few minutes without adding any unnecessary pressure or strokes. Make careful to do this with your eyes closed, and then rinse away any extra solution with water before reopening them. Try applying the practice for a few days and you’ll notice a significant difference without risking your growth.

5 . Take care of your Natural buddies!

It might be a little perplexing about how to care for your eyelashes or preserve the look of long ones if you can’t make it to the clinic for a fresh set after extensions are withdrawn, whether professionally or naturally at home. Whether you prefer to wear artificial lashes or let your natural lashes grow out, the best part is that there are a few alternative ways to keep the appearance of extensions if you so desire.

After removing extensions, it’s critical to look after your natural lashes because they’re prone to damage and breakage. Make sure to apply soothing eye gels and eyelash oils to help them maintain their natural strength, and the same procedure may be used to prepare the area before having any new extensions, as it will help you prevent any issues on a huge scale.


While these modalities are effective for removing extensions at home, it is still a good idea to seek professional assistance. It is also critical not to overdo it and incorporate all of the practices as routine multiple times a day, as this can cause severe damage to your eyes and lids even when the extensions are well separated from the natural growth. Be gentle with your eyes!