How to Shrink a Sports Bra

How to Shrink a Sports Bra

Are you one of those women who always wear a sports bra when you are working out? Do you find yourself constantly shrinking your sports bra to make it fit better?

If you’ve purchased a brand new sports bra that doesn’t fit quite right, there are ways to shrink it back down to size. Here’s what you need to do to shrink your sports bra and get it back into shape.

Why Do You need a Sports Bra?

A sports bra is designed to provide support for your breasts during physical activity. They do this by compressing your breasts against your chest, which reduces movement and helps prevent pain. Wearing a sports bra can also help reduce the risk of developing breast pain or discomfort, and can even help improve your overall performance.

Benefits of Shrinking

1. It improves your workout by providing support and comfort.

2. It also helps to prevent pain and discomfort in physical activity.

3. In addition, it helps to reduce the risk of developing breast pain or other problems.

Steps to Shrink a Sports Bra

Step 1- Turn it Inside Out

Most sports bras are made from synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, which means they can be safely machine-washed. To protect the elasticity of the band, straps, and the shape of the cups, turn the bra inside out before washing. This will also help prevent any color bleeding.

Fill your sink with cool water, add some soap or detergent (preferably unscented), and gently lower the bra into the water. Allow it to soak for about five minutes before agitating it in the water for about 30 seconds. Rinse under cool running water for about a minute before pulling it back over your head so that it is right side out again.

Carefully press out excess water without wringing it. Place on top of a clean towel and pat dry with another towel before laying flat to dry in an area where air circulation is good but not overly direct i.e., away from heat sources.

Step 2- Hang it in the Dryer

If you’re looking to shrink your sports bra, one of the easiest ways is to simply hang it in the dryer. Hang your sports bra from the shower rod or over a hanger, and then turn your dryer on to the hottest setting.

Let the bra dry for about 30 minutes, checking on it periodically to make sure it doesn’t get too hot. Once it’s done, try it on to see if it’s shrunk to your desired size. If not, repeat the process until you’ve reached your goal.

Step 3- Hand Wash and let Dry

Start by filling your sink or a small tub with warm water and some gentle detergent meant for delicates. After that soak your sports bra in the water for 15 minutes, using your hands to work. Rinse it thoroughly in clean water until all the soap is gone. Then, it out on a towel and gently press out any excess water.

Find a sunny spot or an area with good airflow and lay your sports bra out to dry. Once it’s dry, put it on and check for fit. If it still doesn’t fit quite right, repeat steps three through five until you’re happy with the results.

Prevention Tips

1. Always wash your sports bra in cold water.

2. Only use gentle detergents meant for delicate fabrics.

3. Avoid using the dryer; instead, air dry your sports bra.

4. If you must use the dryer, set it to a low heat setting and remove the bra as soon as it’s done drying.

5. Never iron your sports bra.

6. Store your sports bra properly. Don’t fold or crush it, and keep it away from sharp objects that could puncture the fabric.

7. Inspect it regularly for signs of wear and tear, and replace it when necessary.

In conclusion, while it may be tempting to put your sports bra in the dryer, it is best to avoid doing so. The heat can damage the fabric and cause the bra to lose its shape. Rather, opt for hand washing on a delicate cycle. If you must use the dryer, make sure to use the lowest heat setting possible. By following these tips, you can help keep your sports bra in good condition for longer.