How to Use a Boob Tape

How To Use a Boob Tape

You are missing out if you are unaware of the magical boob tapes. Since Kim Kardashian used duct tape on her breasts and slayed in her outfit, boob tape was born. It is now one of the essentials that no single girl can go without. Especially in this world of extraordinary fashion choices, nothing can be a more magical alternative than a boob tape to a traditional bra!

What Is A Boob Tape?

The author of “The Bra Book” mentions Kim Kardashian as the inventor of the enchanting boob tape. It is a strong, stretchy, adhesive fabric that sticks to your skin safely. You can use it to push your breasts together or keep them apart.

If you are picturing a typical medical bandage, you are not wrong. A boob tape looks like a medicinal bandage; the material is medical-grade and hypoallergenic.

In today’s generation, traditional bras don’t always cut it. Hence, boob tapes open a whole new portal in the fashion world for the ladies. Especially when we have backless, deep v-neck, and sleeveless dresses on hand, boob tapes are the leading players. They will hold your breasts where you want them to and stay hidden from showing underneath your garment.

How Boob Tape Works

For girls who like to wear sheer clothes but want perfect nipple coverage or cleavage, boob tape is the best alternative. You will find boob tape in various styles, from a roll of adhesive strips to pre-cut strips.

They are straightforward, and you can control how low or high you want them to be. It is like sticking a bandage to your skin and covering the most necessary part.

Whenever you want to go braless, grab a strip of the tape and paste it as you need. No matter how large, saggy, or heavy your boobs are, a boob tape will never disappoint you. So, let go of those old-school bras and grab a boob tape to explore freedom.

How To Use a Boob Tape

Now, let’s get to the game. Although how you apply the tape will vary depending on your style, here are some general instructions for beginners:

Step 1: Always Do a Patch Test

Before sticking boob tape on the main event, always do a patch test two days prior. Take a small square piece and attach it to your breast. Please keep it for a few hours and check for any irritation when you remove it.

If you have susceptible skin, it is best to go for boob tapes that are latex-free and made from cotton spandex.

Step 2: Cleanse Your Skin

The next step is to prepare your skin by making it clean and dry. If you have a knack for applying loads of moisturizer, let it go! Your skin needs to be completely dry!

Step 3: Mark The Area and Cut

Since you are new to this stuff, it is best to choose your garment first and then use a light liner to mark the area where you need to apply the tape. Doing this will help you stick the strip in the right places and leave no extras.

Once the marking is done and the outfit has been decided, it is time to cut the strip off. First, boob tapes are expensive; you only get a single shot once they’re cut. So, be very mindful when you are missing your piece.

The amount of tape you require will depend on the outfit and the breast size. You might have to use two or four tapes in a single run if you have large breasts.

Step 4: Paste and Pull

Once the tape is cut, look in the mirror and gently press your boob tape against your breast. As a beginner, you might want to remove only half of the adhesive and apply it before removing the rest. Always start from underneath the bust and pull it upwards. Doing so will give you a nice push-up and pop your cleavage.

If you are too concerned about your nipples, you can always apply your nipple covers first before pasting the tape above them. It is a constructive fashion tip that you must take into consideration.

How Do I Remove Boob Tape?

Boob tapes will last a good while as long as you don’t temper with them. However, most experts recommend not wearing it for more than 10 hours.

While removing it is pretty easy, like scraping off duct tape, be gentle and smooth to avoid rashes. You can always look for some coconut oil to apply to the edges of the video and let it soak for 5 minutes before you pull it off. It will make the process easier and will not hurt your skin.

Is Boob Tape Viable for Plus Size?

If you are questioning the power of boob tape on plus-size bodies, you have nothing to worry about. Many plus-size customers have reviewed boob tapes and are pleased with the option.

Boob tapes are for all sizes; you can easily apply them according to your boob’s size and shape. Although you might need more strips than usual if you have large or heavy boobs, they are not impractical. It will also work, and you will have no trouble managing your shape and fit.

However, you don’t need to wear a normal-sized boob tape. You can always look for a wider one or stick to the support of a real bra. Because, in the end, fashion should not compromise your comfort.

Boob Tape Usage Methods for Distinct Outfits

For strapless Tops

For the strapless ones, cut a long strip across your chest from one armpit to another. Make sure the strip is not pasted too high on the chest. Lean forward slightly to make that cleavage look perfect on your strapless dress.

For a Backless Dress

For a backless top or dress, you can apply the tape vertically. You can start from the lower portion and stretch it to your collarbone. You can also go higher for more support if your dress allows you to.

For low-cut tops

For low-cut outfits, you can take a strip long enough to run from your underarm to just past your nipple area. You can do this horizontally. If you want your cleavage to pop, apply more strips vertically, starting from the base of the breast to the collar bones or higher up. Keep pushing your boobs inward as you follow the process.

For Triangle Tops

You must create a pattern like a mermaid shell for dresses with halter necklines. You will have to build individual bra cups without the straps.

Where To Buy Boob Tape?


Here are some of the best places where you can purchase boob tapes from

1. Butt-Chique

One of the most reputable online stores where you can buy the best boob tape for your body type is Butt-Chique. Butt-Chique offers a variety of boob tapes that will fit plus-size bodies flawlessly. They develop products after testing them on actual women, and their business promotes equal representation.

2. Booby Tape

Booby Tape is the most popular online shopping store that provides boob tape at different rates. The most amazing part is that they have multi-color videos without much price difference, and you can easily choose the one that suits you best. Additionally, they offer double-sided boob tapes, tape removers, and nipple coverings, making it simple for customers to purchase many items at once.

3. Lovenood

Another store that aims to promote equal representation, diversity, and inclusivity by providing boob tapes for all shapes and sizes is Lovenood. Nood believes in promoting sustainable products by creating them through organic methods. If you want to sample some of the top boob tapes that suit you, this is the shop.

4. Esther & Co.

You can also buy boob tapes from Esther & Co. It is an online store for women that sells lovely clothing, accessories, and necessities. They sell boob tapes in a light cream shade that go great with colored apparel.

These are only some; you can always look out for new brands and companies offering boob tapes that suit you the best!

Boob tapes are lifesavers for women. You can look stunning in any backless dress or v-neck top without worrying about your extra bra straps. With a variety of shapes and sizes, there are numerous brands from which you can select the ideal fit. So, put away the conventional bras and grab the perfect boob tape to create your runway.