The stellar pandora bracelets you need to know about

The Stellar Pandora Bracelets You Must Know About

Designed to bring charm to women’s life, the discovery of pandora bracelets has created magic that is unique in itself. These enchanting pieces worldwide appear as interchangeable bracelets that add charm beads just like a note of a diary filled with unforgettable memories and wishes. They are specifically known for their versatile and deep character, which gives every human the feel of perfection and beauty.

Pandora Overview

Pandora Bracelet
Pandora Bracelet

Pandora bracelet’s nature is rooted in Greek mythology, as it gives out the meaning of dreams and hope in this world. Although they seem like empty vessels, with every charm you add, the more unique, it becomes, making one no similar to the other. Every bead can mark any special event, travel memory, or wish that you hold so dearly to your heart. Thus, pandora bracelets, along with their absolute beauty and allure, help you preserve those precious memories and never let go. 

Apart from its compelling design, let’s not forget the accessorizing capability that it carries. Pandora bracelets make the perfect accessory that can match any outfit you wear or any look you pull. It is because pandora bracelets are not one but many, and you can have your desired charms with endless possibilities. Be it a gift for your soulmate or a mini treat to yourself; these charming bracelets can make every soul feel marvelous. Bracelet feels so special thanks to the charms that add meaning to your life. And once you reach a milestone you can add a charm to make it fuller.

Types of Pandora Bracelets

When we say endless possibilities, we mean it. Pandora bracelets come in different styles and types. Here, we have gathered some of the best ones to give you a brief idea.

1. Rope Mesh Bracelet

This bracelet is one of a kind. It is slim with an embellished ball clasp that gives an exquisite and bold look. Perfect for someone looking for a minimal and fascinating gift.

2. Flat Mesh Bracelet

Flat mesh bracelets are the most stylish bracelets you can ever land on. They can be paired with unique reflection charms, making them different and outstanding.

3. Sliding Bolo Bracelet

Coming to absolute beauty, the sliding pandora bracelet that comes with adjustable sliders makes the most suitable bracelet for every human type. They ensure a perfect fit, proferring refinement to your personality.

4. Padlock Pandora Bracelet

Padlock pandora bracelets are more eccentric than others. Instead of ball clasps, they have tiny locks in different shapes and sizes, the common one being the heart lock. 

5. Pandora Snake Chain Bracelet

The Pandora bracelets with snake chains are always excellent and casual. You can wear with or without charms, and they would never fail to make you look fabulous.

6. Pandora Heart bracelet

This piece comes with a cute heart clasp embellished in a snake chain bracelet. It can make the perfect birthday gift for someone dear to you.

7. Non Charm Bracelet

If you are into more minimal and simple designs, then non-charm bracelets are the right pick for you. The beautiful astonishing design makes them go without any charm.

What are Pandora Charms?

Camera Charm
Camera Charm
Heart Key Charm
Camera Charm

They are coming to the main asset of pandora bracelets, the charms. Pandora charms are nothing but exquisitely crafted beads styled to commemorate memories. Mostly they are handcrafted with silver and gold, which makes them highly mesmerizing to look at. There are around 600 charms that you can choose from and accessorize your fit according to your desires. 

Heart Charm

Each charm represents different meanings in your life. And you can simply speak a story with each of them.

For example, if you meet your partner for the first time, you can add a heart charm to your bracelet to remember that day, similarly, you can add horoscope signs, birth dates, namesakes, and initials, there are extremely versatile options available to help you build connections with important moments and people in your life.

Dice Charm
Dice Charm

Types of Pandora Charms

1. Silver Charms

Be it fancy or minimal. The silver charms always fit the best in pandora bracelets, and they are the most popular kinds and the most desired.

2. Essence Charms

These charms are not regular to look at, and they give a unique and spiritual vibe, which symbolizes your inner values. Not to mention, their sheer presence also makes your personality even more luminous.

3. Disney Pandora Charms

More of a Disney girl? Then the Disney pandora charms will surprise you. This Pandora charm collection covers designs of every Disney character that you love. 

4. Rose Gold Charms

Another trendy and alluring collection is the rose gold beads of rich gold and pink hues. They can make any outfit attractive and nothing short of remarkable.

5. Reflexion Charms

This pandora charm is the ultimate trend of this season. Reflexion charms are more like clips that clamp onto flat mesh bracelets, and they are new and simply stunning.

How to Add Charms to Pandora Bracelet?

Usually, one sliding or Bengal bracelet can hold around 18-20 charms. With such an abundance of choice, it is only human for you to get confused at first, but remember to pick wisely and keep it minimal. 

While decorating a pandora bracelet, make sure you use suitable clips or beads for your bracelet type. You can pick a matching colored charm with a snake chain design and slide it into the bangle. If you are going for a mix of colors, keep them contrasting. 

In the case of reflexion charms, make sure you clamp them in the flat bracelet in the proper way. Keep a thumb’s distance between each charm to make the bracelet look neat and aesthetic. But if you are a woman of wonder, you can add several charms at a close distance. However, make sure they don’t cling to one another. 

How to Clean a Pandora Bracelet

Owning a precious piece means maintaining the same. You cannot just let those beautiful gems lie around in the dirt and get tarnished as the day passes by. If you are not aware of cleaning your bracelets, we have some simple ways to opt easily. 

1. How To Clean Pandora Bracelets With Toothpaste

Toothpaste has always been a cleaning master, and we are not only concerned about our teeth here. They can keep dirt away from anything and make things shine like a diamond.

Step 1: Take a small amount of toothpaste in a toothbrush and make it slightly damp with lukewarm water. Make sure you only take a small amount.

Step 2: Gently start rubbing the paste on the bracelet and reach out to every corner. Continue generously until the foam entirely cleanses the dirt. Then leave the bracelet with the paste on for at least 5 minutes.

Step 3: Once completing the bracelet’s brushing, wash the paste off with some lukewarm water and then dry it by patting it with a soft cloth.

2. Clean Your Pandora Bracelet With Baking Soda

Just follow the given steps to make your bracelet super clean and new with baking soda.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is prepare a glass of boiling water. While the water is boiling, bring a bowl and cover it with aluminum foil. Now, you need to add a moderate amount of baking soda at the bottom of the bowl, along with a few pinches of salt. Slowly add vinegar and start mixing the ingredient thoroughly.

Step 2: After mixing, pour the hot water gently into the mixture. It is time to slowly dip your pandora inside the bowl and let it soak for at least 30 seconds. Keep flipping it with the use of tongs.

Step 3: Finally, pull out the bracelet and start removing the mixture and buffing them slowly and softly. Continue this process until all the dirt is gone and you see the shine coming.

3. Washing-up Liquid to Clean Your Bracelet

Step 1: Prepare a clean bowl, and meanwhile, put your kettle to make some boiling hot water. 

Step 2: Gently pour the hot water into the bowl once the hot water is ready. It is time to find your washing-up liquid and put it to use. Take the bottle and squirt a small amount of washing-up liquid into the hot water bowl. Make sure the amount is less; you do not want to damage your precious jewelry.

Step 3: Dip the bracelet in the mixture and let it soak for at least 5 minutes. You will be engrossed to see the dirt come out of your lovely bracelet. Once done, slowly bring it up and pat the bracelet with a soft, warm towel or polishing cloth.

How to Open Pandora Bracelet

While your pandora bracelet is gorgeous, are must be having trouble figuring out how to open it? The new hidden fashionable clasp has made many people wonder the same question. But don’t worry! With just a few tips, you can easily open or close your pandora bracelet and ace your party with its charm.

1. Opening Pandora Bracelets With Nails

Opening pandora bracelet with nails lobster clasp

The first way, and of course the easiest, is to use none other than your fingernails. For this, rotate the bead with a clasp and position it so that the clasp faces toward you. 

Once done, place one finger on the hinge if you need support in any case. Then slowly insert your fingernail into the slot, basically your thumbnail, and keep pushing until you hear the clasp pop. 

If you are still struggling, place your other fingernail into the different slot and press simultaneously. Make sure you do it right if you don’t want to break your nails.

2. Use a Clasp Opener for Pandora Bracelets

Use a Clasp Opener
Use a Clasp Opener

To open your bracelet smoothly using a clasp opener, you first need to hold the clasp opener firmly in your dominant hand and the fastener on the other. The clasp openers look like flower pendants, so put the petal in the bracelet slot.

Now, press the latch gently and consistently with the clasp. Keep pushing it gently with mild pressure till the fastener ends up open. 

3. Opening a Pandora Bracelet While You Are Still Wearing It

While opening a pandora bracelet is already troublesome, it can be worse when wearing it. The best way to open a bracelet while wearing it is to use your thumbnail. Lobster lock bracelet is easy to open than any other bracelet

Turn the bracelet in a way that the clasp points towards you. Now, place your thumbnail inside the horizontal slot of the fastener. Press firmly on the buckle with the other hand while your nail slides inside the slot. Doing this will smoothly click open your pandora bracelet in no time.

Choosing the Size of Pandora Bracelet

Choosing the right size can depend on the type of bracelet you are willing to buy. Each style comes with different recommendations, and they might not fit any other. Here, we have covered some questions that can lead you to your required answer.

What is The Perfect Fit For a Pandora Bracelet?

Although different types have different requirements, you can quickly gauge the primary size at home. Just take a string, wrap it around your wrist, mark the length, and measure it on a scale. Once you know your measurement, add extra 1 or 2 inches. Determining the size is especially needed if you love multiple charms dangling in your bracelet.

How Do I Pick a Size of Pandora Bracelet For My GF?

To pick the correct bracelet size for your girlfriend, you need to know the standard length. The standard size is 7 inches, and it fits almost any woman in just the perfect way. However, if your girl is a fan of ample moment charms, you need to increase the count.

What Should Be The Average Size of a Pandora Bracelet For a Child?

Age plays a very minimal role here. If it concerns a baby, somewhere around 5 inches would do. However, for teen girls, the standard size 7 inches is the right size, and it is sure to fit flawlessly, allowing many charms to be attached.

Where to Buy Pandora Bracelet

There are thousands of pandora stores in around 100 countries across the globe. If you are from the United States, the Mall of America Pandora jewelry store at Bloomington can be the best store to buy bracelets. You can also refer to Pandora in San Fransisco, CA, or simply Pandora Jewelry in New York City.

In this world of technology, you can also purchase the best pandora bracelet from the comfort of your house. Just check in on the website of for the United States and order the most alluring pandoras with just a few clicks.

How Much Is a Pandora Bracelet?

Pandora bracelets are exquisitely handcrafted pieces of art, and no wonder they are worth the price they cost. Usually, a typical sterling silver charm with a bracelet can cost somewhere around $40-$50. If we talk only about charms, the initial price would always be $25, rising to $600 or even more.

Sterling silver charms are amongst the most popular and affordable charms that cost around the initial price. The most expensive pandora charms are the ones that are made of gold or embellished with gemstones. They would usually start with a price tag of at least $600 or rise even higher.

If we talk about bracelets, simple bare pandora bracelets will come in a price category of $45 to $50. However, if you love adding more and more charms and add-ons over time, the cost will elevate around $60-$80. But the most expensive charm bracelet can cost up to a whopping amount of $1415. 

If your love for jewelry is pure, nothing will get in the way, Not even the price.

Have you bought one Pandora Bracelet yet?

What does your Pandora Bracelet mean for you? How many charms do you have? Drop your comments below!