Undoubtedly invitations set the tone for any wedding, and no one wants to call upon their guests with something which doesn’t match up with their style. Suppose you are looking ahead to surprise your relatives, friends and colleagues with an invitation card that is not only personal but traditional too. In that case, there are endless ways to create and present your ideas with wedding invitations.

Every minute detail of the invitation suite can be customized. While designing the invitation cards, you can consider mixed materials, fun shapes, and hand-printed artworks to create the vibes you desire. You can also choose the kind of paper and materials to be used for elaborating the architecture and craft, physical adornments, and many more. You can also create various visual aesthetics like monograms, motifs, creative color palettes and custom illustrations. All of these preparations will ensure your guest beforehand about the kind of wedding you will celebrate with them.

Let’s have a look at not so common wedding invitation ideas

Fold Out Card

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It’s not always required to look for a standard jacket possessing three inserts. You can sometimes choose the fold-out card consisting of your wedding theme’s watercolor interpretation to create the WOW factor.

Choose the mix of colors that are soothing and can complement one another. The text should be much, but a beautiful font can uplift the wedding invitation card’s look and feel.

Quirky Playing Cards

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Everyone loves the design and colors used to create a beautiful playing card set. For the Quirky, innovative wedding card, the king and Queen are replaced with the Bride and groom and are displayed in proper attires for every occasion. Groom will be wearing a nice coat for the wedding and sunglasses for a cocktail or bachelorette, and the same goes for the Bride. Simultaneously, the other side of the card insert will have the function details like timings, venue, and theme color.

Think Vintage

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The invitation suite used should be filled with the color palette full of gold, greens and blues inspired by the venue or the surroundings you have grown into. Vintage paintings are said to resemble elegant calligraphy, watercolor splashes and parchment paper. Also, include a personal touch of colors and words to lift the presentation and allow guests to have an idea of your wedding and concept beforehand.

Personalize your wedding invitation with your gorgeous pictures

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Sticking pictures of yourself with your would-be at times looks like overly personalized invitations. But if you have images that look like a magazine cover or pages, then creating a unique photo invite is an excellent option for you to explore ahead.

Personalized touch in the pictures will make your card look great. This idea will be traditional yet modern to allow you to keep it unique for your wedding just like your wedding ring.

Boarding Passes

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These types of wedding invitation cards are best for destination weddings. The idea is unconventional and super creative to go ahead to be availed for your wedding. If you find it exciting but are not opting for the destination wedding, you can also imprint a ticket to your venue. It will look great and will pose a creative side in front of your guests too.


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Have you ever thought of posting postcards for your wedding? No! This idea is unique and is a creative way to invite your guest over for your wedding. The best part with the postcard invitation cards is that they will bring back all your childhood fun and the memories you had as a teenager with your friends.

Do consider this a fantastic idea while you design your invitation card.

Plant your invite

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Just like everything else, eco-friendly weddings are round the corner. E-invites are considered the easiest way to look forward to going for eco-friendly invites, and you can opt for a paper embedded with seeds. Once the wedding is over, the guest can plant them in their gardens. Undoubtedly it is a great way to promote planting trees and send a strong message of being eco-friendly all across your near and dear ones.

Different Shapes

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Circular-shaped wedding invitations are a playful twist in your marriage. You can use holographic foil lettering over any color invites to add a fun element to the marriage invitation. The vellum paper placed at the top swivels to reveal the wedding function details.

It is a fantastic idea to print wedding invitations uniquely. The subtle colors will be a cherry on the top and help you choose the one you were looking for at your wedding.

Bride and Groom Sketches

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Creativity knows no ends. If you are looking for something personalized yet creative then this can be one of the options to have a look for. The sketches look cute and display the personality of the couple on the invitation page. It can be done in various ways, look at the one that defines you well.

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If your wedding venue is at the beach or you are looking forward to getting married in a traditionally rich city, then pinning the location theme wedding card can be our option. They are quite in trend and are relatively modern yet traditional to go for. 

The location theme invitation card will give the idea to the visitors beforehand about the wedding. To enjoy at the fullest, they need to be there and enjoy themselves.

Wedding invitations mark the onset of festivities and allow you to choose one of the best wedding invitations to state the most important event of your life. These not so common ideas are one of the best to have a look at and try the one you find your best for the wedding.

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